Tammie Lane - Artist statement


Looking at everything - trying to figure out how to capture what I want the viewer to see. Not the tiresome plodding of "perfection",  but the excitement/anticipation that comes with a 2'" flat painting a wild free wash on a 5 foot stretched paper! Or the excitement of Raku everytime you open the chamber and the smoke clears. Messy vitality! Always a bit of things being in the air - how will this come out?  All different mediums but the same excitement for an unknown finish. I am always trying to paint it, throw it, capture it  better than the last time.  It has kept me excited to go to the studio for 36 years. 

I like to paint beautiful scenes, animals, an interesting old rundown farm, a fall day in the woods - things that remind me of places or things that I want to remember or places I want to linger just a little longer. There is enough ugliness - I want to bring the wonder of things I love to my paper or clay.I choose to try to create things that add joy to people's lives... It's a great thing to me that I get to chose what I create and what that might invoke in my viewers. With the clay, well, it's just pure fun. I am a kid getting to have mud or paint up to my elbows making things. How's it get better than that? 


Thanks  for taking the time to look at this website. All the people that have supported my work over the years have made this wonderful life I have possible!  It is greatly appreciated. Drop by the Redbrick Center for the Arts to see my studio and my newest work!

Tammie Lane

Tammie Lane - Bio



Tammie Lane is an artist that has lived in Aspen, Colorado since 1981. She has made her living as a painter specializing in watercolors and oils for over 35 years. Lane's pottery and paintings have been exhibited in numerous one man shows, juried shows and galleries throughout the United States.

Galleries representing her work over the years include E.S. Lawrence Gallery -Taos /Aspen; The Jill Vickers Gallery - Las Vegas/Vail/Aspen; The Driscol Gallery - Denver; Gallery One -Las Vegas/Aspen; The Oklahoma Museum of Art; The Oklahoma Art Center; The Spiva Art Center -Joplin, Missouri; JRB Art at the Elms - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; The Crown Center, Kansas City, Missouri, and the Oklahoma Pioneer Museum - Oklahoma. Currently she is represented by Elliot Yeary Gallery in Aspen, Colorado. 

Tammie attended Oklahoma State University and graduated from Phillips University with a BFA in Art.  Moving to Kansas City, MO after college, she became an illustrator for Hallmark Cards. After several years, she decided that corporate life was not for her and moved to Colorado to pursue her career as a freelance illustrator and paint for numerous fine art galleries. She juggled commercial work with her gallery work for many years until she decided to only do fine art. Currently she is a resident artist at The Redbrick Center for the Arts in Aspen, CO, an adjunct professor at Colorado Mountain College and a full time painter and potter. 

On a personal note, Tammie has played flute and irish whistles with The Ferlies  - a celtic/bluegrass/oldtime band for over 18 years. Riding horses, skiing, playing banjo on the back porch and hiking  are other fun things she enjoys.